Friday, October 29, 2010

What's Cookin'? Only Treats, No Tricks!

Finally! The holiday weekend is here. What are you serving this Halloween?

For our valued panelists, we have piled up treats for you! As hundreds of gift certificates are ready to be given out!

Today, we have paid out all $10 Gift Certificates to the participants of the Table Top Branded Ketchup survey. We have also sent out the first batch of Gift Certificates to those who completed the survey about Foodservice Distributors.

And due to the number of surveys that just recently closed, it may take a while for the latest rewards to be sent. But for those waiting for their rewards, no need to worry, all of them are already in queue. The gift certificates are properly lined per study, "first closed first sent".

So, to keep you updated on what's being sent and processed, here's the list of closed surveys and their status, in chronological order:

Paid today:
† Table Top Branded Ketchup
† Foodservice Distributors Customer Study (more on Monday)

In Queue:
† Several Products
† Tub Containers
† Soup Tubs
† Single Serve Ketchup
† Hash Browns

For Processing:
† Seafood
† Sausage
† Sausage Follow-Up

If you have completed any survey that is not mentioned above, it means that all the Gift Certificates/Cards for that study were already sent. For lost and unredeemed claim codes, please email us [] with the link of the survey you completed and we will resend your Gift Certificates right away.

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Now time to get ready to give away candies to the ghoulish and ghosties and long leggety beasties! Happy Holloween to everyone!


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