Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Datassential Opera™ Live Surveys

Datassential Research conducts online surveys for the Foodservice Industry. The Operator Research Panel, simply called Opera™ Panel, is open to all Foodservice professionals and personnel from different segments. As long as you have purchasing authority or have influence in what your operation can offer or purchase, then you can be qualified. Qualification is conducted through phone to ensure the validity of the Operation and the respondent.

We have Online and phone-based research methodologies available for a variety of study types, including:

• Needs Analysis
• New Product Development
• In-Store Testing
• Sales Forecasting
• Brand Research
• Category Insights / AA&U
• Advertising & Positioning Testing
• Market Sizing

What are Segments?
All commercial and noncommercial segments are represented, including QSR, Fast-Casual, Midscale, Casual, Fine Dining, Healthcare, Lodging, B&I, Colleges, School, Recreation, and other channels.

To learn more, please visit our site:
Opera™ - The Industry's Largest Operator Research Panel

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