Friday, October 15, 2010

Update on Live Surveys

Have you noticed how this week passed by so fast? Well, we here at the Panel definitely felt like the week skipped a day or two.

Just last Wednesday, the Tubs Container study was drafted, programmed, fielded and closed in less than 24 hours!

And today, two studies that opened last night are about to close. We just need a few more respondents to wrap it up. So, if you are one of our Panelists, hurry and open your emails! Your invites are waiting for you!

But if you are as eager as us, we've got a treat for you! You can click on the links below right NOW! These links would only be open over the weekend and will be removed as soon as the study closes.

Single Serve Ketchup
Soup Tubs (limited to certain Segments)

Don't miss this chance to submit your answers and see if you qualify to receive your gift certificate! Remember, upon completion, you will receive $10 Gift Certificate from each!

TIP: To know if you qualify, mouse over the survey links!

To keep you updated, below are the studies that recently closed.
Closed This Week:
Tub Containers
Hash Brown Qualifier
Several Products

Closed Last Week:
Branded Tabletop Ketchup
Foodservice Distributors
Soup Usage in Quantities
Specific Products Usage in Quantities

We hope you enjoy answering! Have a Happy Weekend everyone! *Cheers*


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