Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to make a screenshot of the error page

Having trouble with the online survey? On rare occasions, we receive a call or an email from a panelist encountering an error on a survey.

If you are getting an error page like "page cannot be displayed", "page cannot be found", "Server Not Found" and such, this means that the server could not find what was requested or it was configured not to fulfill the request.

Here are some simple options that you can do:

1. Open the link on a new browser - Copy the link or url then close your browser. Open a new one and paste the link on the address bar.

You can also do this on a new tab, but we would recommend opening a new browser if this does not work.

2. If option 1 does not work, try to check the link/url you have copied and make sure there are no spaces before the "http", after the "asp" or in between.

If you see the characters %20 this means the space is being recognized by your browser. All you have to do is just remove it.

3. If options 1 and 2 did not resolve the error, please make a screenshot of the error page and send it to us at [] so we can help you.

What's a Screenshot and how do I make one?
A screenshot, or screen capture, is a way to "take a picture" of your computer screen. Press the "Print Screen" button (some keyboards have "PrtScn"), paste it into your paint program, save it to disk, and email the picture as an attachment.

How do I make a file?

After you've pressed "Print Screen" or "PrtScn", open your favorite image editor or use the Paint program that comes with Windows, by pressing Start, All Programs, Accessories and then Paint. Now in Paint (or your equivalent), hit Edit, Paste, and you should now have an image of your screen within the image editing program.

Now save this image to a file. Typically that means File, Save As... Give it a file name you'll remember. We suggest selecting either "JPEG" or "PNG" file format instead of the default bitmap. They're smaller in file size.

A couple of additional notes:

•PrtScn takes a picture of the entire current screen.
•ALT+PrtScn takes a picture of the currently active window only.

Watch the instructional video:

Please click here for MAC users

We hope this helps! Drop us a note if you still need further assistance.


Josh said...

This is very helpful. Thank you!

Opera Panel Admin said...

Glad to be of help Josh! Once you are done with the screenshot, just send us the image so we can further assist you.

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