Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Closed Surveys

     August was such a busy month! Several studies were launched and closed. We had surveys about Coffee, Avocado, and several others about various food items. Now halfway through this month, we already closed a study about ketchup bottles and a couple more on several food products.

     There is one more study that will close out within 24 hours. And we are in need of Foodservice Operators who purchase and/or serve soup. You can check the status of our live surveys on the sidebar of this blog.

What you can see on our sidebar:

Progress of Live Surveys
     These surveys are on-going and open to all our panelists. The progress bar is updated daily, every 1:00pm EST (eastern time).

Recently Closed Studies
     If the Gift Certificate is already in the process of being sent out or is currently being sent out, the survey topic will be displayed here.

* "No Pending Gift Cards"
     When this is displayed, it means that all Gift Cards / Certificates from the past month were already sent to all participants. If you did not receive yours, please click here to CONTACT US! (Don't forget to include the survey link to the study you have completed so we can check on their status right away)

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